Bubblemac blowers are manufactured to meet the need of the aquaculture industry. Bubblemac blowers reach higher pressures to operate both in marine and fresh water environments. It operates at lower noise levels than the aquaculture standard commercial blowers. Bubblemac blowers provide large volumes of air at lower pressures that are required to provide aeration to multiple tanks. Using a single blower is far more efficient and economical than running multiple compressors. Bubblemac regenerative blowers are most often chosen by professionals in the aquaculture industry because of their reliability. They are inexpensive to operate, and the air they deliver is oil free.


Turbo Blowers also called as Regenerative or Ring blowers.

Bubblemac blowers are extremely energy efficient.

Quite / Silent running.

100% Oil free.


Model NoHPPowerVoltageOutputPressure
BBC ‐ 2500.25250WSingle27 m3/h10.7 kPa
BBC ‐ 3750.50370WSingle54 m3/h11.7 kPa
BBC ‐ 5500.75550WSingle60 m3/h13.8 kPa
BBC ‐ 7501.00750WSingle72 m3/h14.5 kPa
BBC ‐ 11001.501100WSingle180 m3/h17.6 kPa
BBC ‐ 15002.001500WThree220 m3/h19.7 kPa
BBC ‐ 22503.002250WThree325 m3/hr25.7 kpa
BBC ‐ 37505.003750WThree400 m3/hr32.5 kpa
BBC - 57507.505750WThree550 m3/hr37.5 kpa