Ground bowls are white coloured bowls made up of food grade pure poly propylene material. The bowl is used in a shrimp or fish hatchery, to check the quality of shrimp larvae or fish fry. The bowl is designed to hold two litres of water for analysis. The white colour back ground of the bowl make the view of the animal very clear and visible. Keeping separate bowls for individual tanks also help to avoid spreading of diseases and microbes from one tank to another.


Lead weights are usually called as “Sinkers”. Lead is a rust proof metal and it is non corrosive for years. Lead is used in the air tube rolls as a weight holder to avoid the shaking of air stones during aeration. The lead weights don’t produce any chemical reaction when they are used in seawater.


The controllers are usually called as “Yellow controllers”. These controllers are used in air tubes to adjust the flow of aeration in to the larval rearing tank. The required high or low flow rate of air is adjusted using the knob that is present in the backside of the controller.


The aeration tube roll is made up of pure food grade resin. The tube roll is heavy with inner diameter 4mm and the outer diameter is 6mm. The tube can be used in direct sunlight and it is oil free.