Hi blow model air pumps are designed to provide long term service in either intermittent or continuous applications. It acts as a small capacity compressor and oxygen supply for aquatic animals. Its power consumption is less for operation. It can be used in single phase current for operation. Hi blow pumps are designed by linear diaphragm, so it is 100% silent and noise free. Hi blow air pumps are available in 2 different brands as follows

Techno Takatsuki – Japan

Hailea Hiblow – China.


100% silent.

Low power consumption.

Can be used for indoor algae section and outdoor algae section.


HIBLOW MODELSPressure(Kpa)Power (Watt)Out Put (LPM)Voltage (Volt)Frequency(Hertz)Weight(Kg)
Takatsuki - HP 80≥0.0149580220-240507
Takatsuki - HP 100≥0.020115100220-240508
Takatsuki - HP 120≥0.025125120220-240509
Hailea – HAP 80≥ 0.0368080220-240507
Hailea – HAP100≥ 0.038105100220-240508
Hailea – HAP120≥ 0.045125120220-240509