Microparticulated diet for Fish larvae


Larval Star Aquaculture larval feed is a balanced formulated diet developed to satisfy dietary requirement in post larval rearing of healthy and stable PL production.

Larval Star contains essential nutrition to meet the best cost effectiveness balance for larval rearing.

Larval Star composes dust free water stable micro Pellets and is very uniform in size. No water pollution. The stability minimizes nutrition leach and maintains water quality.

Larval star benefits are as follows:

Providing natural protein source for better digestion, growth & survival

Very water stable to reduce organic load and toxic gases development.

Excellent digestive ingredients to utilize optimum nutrition level.

Fast growth to reduce production cycle and cost.

Premium quality marine based ingredients.

Do not contain land animal proteins.

Applicable Species: L. Vannamei & P. Monodon


DescriptionFeed Size (micron)C. ProteinC. FatPackage
Larval Star100 - 200 um52%12 %5kg bucket
Larval Star200 - 300 um52%12 %5kg bucket
Larval Star300 - 500 um52%12 %5kg bucket
Larval Star500 - 800 um52%12 %5kg bucket