Biogen is a primary water colouring agent that suitable for all larval stage. Biogen develops Amber (Brown) colour when mixed with water. Biogen comforts the PL’s from stress during larval rearing and transportation. Biogen enhances the survival rate of PL’s and reduces the cannibalism. Biogen balances the PH and controls the osmotic regulation process in all aquatic animals.


Natural Pigments, Glucose and Additives


BIOGEN can be mixed with clean water and spread evenly in the hatchery tanks.

For larval rearing add 3 – 4ppm once daily, preferably after water exchange.

For larval & fingerlings transportation add 25ppm BIOGEN in clean packing water.

The ppm level can be increased or decreased depending on required water colour.


Store in dark & cool dry place.

Coastal region has high humidity, Refrigeration is best.