Biozyme is a synergetic blended Probiotic, developed from various bacterial species and enzymes.

Biozyme arrests the growth of harmful bacteria such as vibrio species and reduces zoea syndrome problem.

Biozyme nitrifies the ammonia into nitrate and nitrite, oxidizes organic waste and degrades carbohydrates and proteins, removes unusual odour and H2S from the water.


Natural Microbial culture of 10 Billion CFU/gm and enzymes added with growth stimulants on an inter carbohydrate carrier.


Hydrate Biozyme to activate the microbes and bacterial growth.

Filter the hydrated mixture by 100 micron cloth to avoid the cloudiness.

Add the filtrate to the hatchery tanks directly.

Don’t keep the filtrate for more than 24 hours.


Application in HatcheryShrimp (Dosage)Fish (Dosage)
Naupilii 1 to Zoea 30.5 grams / ton0.5 grams / ton
Zoea 3 to Post Larvae 151.0 grams / ton1.0 grams / ton

Application in Pond / FarmShrimp (Dosage)Fish (Dosage)
Every 7 days pre stocking1.2 – 1.5 kg / ha0.9 – 1.2 kg / ha
Every 7 days after stocking0.8 – 1 kg / ha0.6 – 0.8 kg / ha


Store in dark & cool dry place.

Coastal region has high humidity, Refrigeration is best.