Salted Polychaete worm – Brood stock Maturation Diet

Marine polychaetes have been proven to be crucial for the sexual maturation and reproduction of fish and shrimp. Polychates
contains high levels of digestible protein and are essential for the production of eggs in shrimp. Our farm is located in the temperate zone of Taiwan, hundreds of kilometres away from all known shrimp diseases. Each batch is tested for shrimp pathogens by the NTUST National Taiwan University of Science & Technology.

Polychaetes is supplied over 40 countries with its maturation diet. After harvesting, cleaning and purging the worms are salted in 250 gram & 500 gram packs. After packing the packs in polystyrene boxes they are stored in a freeze warehouse. Increasing
numbers of shrimp hatcheries make use of SPF shrimp brood stock, for instants from Shrimp Improvement Systems in the US.
SPF brood stock is a very expensive investment that most hatcheries do not want to use cheap local wild worms that can be infected
with shrimp diseases. They prefer to use salted SPF polychaetes to ensure a harvest at the end of the cycle. Used as best brood
stock diet to elevated levels maturation

Optimizes HUFA diet for all species of shrimp.

SPF, Clean and sustainable source of feed.

Long shelf life at ambient temperature.

Contains ARA, EPA & DHA by weight.

Made in the Taiwan.

Fatty Acid (mg/g Lipids) & Nutritional profile (g/100g)

EPA 67.8

DHA 13.6

ARA 1.2

Cholesterol 0.3 %

Protein 55%

Fat 4%

Usage Protocol

Frozen polychaete can be fed to shrimp brood stock at 10-15% biomass.