Vita Magic improves the tolerance strength against heat and stress during larval rearing. Vita Magic can be used for shrimp/fish larvae during sudden climate change & prior transportation to maintain good survival rate. Vita Magic can be used during salinity dropping mainly the after water exchange. Vita Magic can be easily top sprayed, on the feeds prior to feeding shrimp/fish larvae.


Vita Magic can be used in day time after, water exchange or Salinity dropping.

Add 1 ppm, daily for Zoea stage.

Add 2 ppm, daily for Mysis stage.

Add 3 ppm, daily for all larval stage.


Store in dark & cool dry place.

Coastal region has high humidity, Refrigeration is best.


Vitamin isolates, natural antioxidants, and preservatives.

Each 500 gram Vitamix contains.

Vitamin A6,000,000 IUVitamin E1600 mg
Vitamin B1800,000 IUVitamin K3000 mg
Vitamin B2400,000 IUFolic Acid1500 mg
Vitamin B63,800 mgInositol6000 mg
Vitamin B128,000 mgMethione10 g
Vitamin C10,500 mgTaurine50 g
Vitamin D340 mgEnzyme90g